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The next best thing to a personal referral is hearing what others have to say.
I met Dr. Jean when I had congestion in my lungs over a long holiday weekend.  I believe I would have ended up in the hospital that weekend if it weren’t for Jean’s treatments with acupuncture, cupping and herbs.

Again, I started acupuncture treatments with Jean to help me with my chronic lower back pain. And I am happy to report that my acupuncture sessions give me immediate (and increasingly long-term) relief!  

And there is an added bonus to acupuncture--when I finish a session I always leave feeling more relaxed and happier. Perhaps it’s the treatment and perhaps it’s also because of Jean's great bed side manner. Whatever. It’s working!                                  
D.M., producer
Dr. Jean Libonate is amazingly well versed in both Western and Eastern medicine.  She has a healing and nurturing approach that sets her apart. 

I initially sought treatment for acute back pain due to injury, and since then, Jean has successfully treated my pain, as well as some other general health issues.  When I leave a session with Jean, I feel better in mind, body and spirit.  She is truly a gift.  
H.L.J., pilot
I am 72, a cancer "thriver" who is not partial to doctors, needles, or disrobing in a doctor's office.  I discovered acupuncture treatments 30 years ago and this method of medicine quickly became an important part of my life.   Over the last few years I have been treated for digestive problems and other internal medicine issues.

Like all people in the medical field there are those who are "excellent" and those who are mediocre.  Without a doubt, Dr. Jean Libonate is the best practitioner of acupuncture that I have ever experienced.  She is the whole package, highly educated, sensitive to the feelings of her patients, with an unbelievable sense of "touch" with her application of needles (for this fear of needle's person, I feel little or nothing during the application!!!)  

The end results are why Dr. Jean will always be a permanent factor in my life for I feel well, calm and content.
B.G., retired
I've been enjoying the benefits of acupuncture for five years.  I love how it makes me feel.  I started coming to see Dr. Jean for my low back pain and as that pain lessened I discovered that acupuncture helped me in many other ways that were not just physical.  

As a result of weekly treatments, I also feel calmer and more focused and have a sense of emotional balance that I really appreciate.  At the heart of any good medical treatment is its practitioner and Jean has a gentle, magic touch.  
J.G., counselor
I was unlucky to have been suffering from severe muscle spasms in my neck, but very lucky to have found Jean.  Within a few sessions of acupuncture and cupping, the pain began to subside along with the spasms.
I found Jean to be warm and compassionate, as well as extremely knowledgeable in her practice.  I always left a session feeling so much better and calmer than when I walked in.
B.K., homemaker
I could go on awhile, I'll try to be brief.  I love acupuncture treatments with Jean Libonate for lots of reasons.  The needles, the pressure points and stimulation... the results.  The beneficial buzz.

But my first time with Jean started out scary.  I was still wary of small little rooms.  A pointed reminder of the stroke that had almost killed me that spring.  So we conducted the session out in the hallway.  That one was good.  The next one was better.  She was good at her job and eager to share.  In short order I was at home in that private little room.  Listening to jazz, getting my treatments.

At first I was still confined to life in a wheelchair.  Like a babe in the woods for a good long time.  But my brain was ready and waiting for next steps.  And acupuncture and Jean had a big part to play.

That was 2003.  This is six years later.  I must say we've come a good long way.  But I still have my acupuncture treatments with Jean and we’ve become lifetime friends.
D.M.M., writer
I sought treatment from Dr. Jean Libonate when I had a very challenging bout of vertigo.  It was very concerning as it had persisted for several weeks. This issue can be very difficult to deal with.  I'd tried the allopathic approach with sudafed and dramamine but that just made me tired and the dizziness persisted.  Dr. Libonate did a series of acupuncture treatments and showed me the acupressure spots I could stimulate myself when the episodes came on.  I also wore a special "watch" that provided a mild stimulation to one of the acupressure spots on my wrist for a few weeks.  I'm extremely happy to say that the treatments worked and I have been vertigo free ever since!
J.G., pilot
Acupuncture with Dr. Jean for general wellness far exceeded my expectations and made me a believer!  Her office is wonderful, and she has a holistic approach to health and depth of knowledge that is very impressive.  

Jean assuaged my fears of the needles by explaining the entire process and making me aware of what she would be doing before she did it. I left the session with an immense sense of peace and calm. It had been a stressful week, and my session with Jean brought me back in line with normalcy. It helped me remain calm for the rest of the week, and I felt a tremendous sense of relaxation.  I highly recommend Dr. Jean Libonate! 

C.P.K., loan officer
I was referred to Dr. Jean for help managing my Lupus, Asthma, and Allergies as well as my overall wellbeing. I have seen vast improvements in my over all health and level of stress as a result of her treatments. 
My Lupus outbreaks have diminished and are less severe when they do occur. My asthma symptoms have subsided so much that I have been able to cut back on many medications. 
Dr. Jean's knowledge and application of herbal remedies has gotten me through 2 years of stress at work as well as completing two AIDS LifeCycle rides without getting sick.  I love acupuncture, especially with Dr. Jean’s gentle touch that ensures I never feel any of the needles and always leave feeling great.
J.H., banker
As a younger, physically active man with chronic back pain, I had explored many different avenues to alleviate my discomfort.  I applied ice regularly, visited chiropractors, and tried wearing back braces, all without long-lasting relief.  

Then I met Dr. Jean Libonate, and underwent a series of acupuncture treatments.  Jean's professional bedside manner, calming influence, and comfortable treatment facility all made my transition to Eastern medicine very enjoyable.  I left each treatment feeling refreshed, happy, and pain-free.  

Today, I am largely pain-free with continued periodic acupressure and acupuncture treatments.  I would recommend Jean's services to anyone interested in maintaining a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. 
E.K., real estate broker
I used to wake up at night coughing and sneezing.  But now I sleep through the night because of the treatment I received from Dr. Libonate.  
It helped me a lot because it was a solution to my allergies.  
Dr. Libonate made the process less scary and easier to deal with.  

Being 11 years old was already hard without being exhausted because of lack of sleep.  Acupuncture cured me.
L.D., 5th grader
When I first decided to try acupuncture, I was desperate.  What began as a cough, turned into bronchitis, H1N1, and pneumonia all at once.  I was literally in bed for 3 weeks.  Though my doctor had me on a variety of medications, I was consistently feeling worse and was scared.  A friend of mine convinced me to try acupuncture and I honestly didn’t believe that it would have such a drastic effect, but it did.  
I had my first treatment on a Wednesday, and 2 hours later, I walked out feeling better than I had in 3 weeks.  My voice sounded almost back to normal, and my bronchitis was nearly cleared.  I went back that Friday, and was back to work on Saturday.  I know this sounds to good to be true, but it is.  My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.  
Thank you Jean for the wonderful spirit that you are.  You have no idea how much you helped me.
J.L., restaurant owner
If I start to come down with the flu,  I seek Dr. Jean’s help. She works her magic with the smallest needles she has (because I’m such a wimp) but I gain relief.  I may need three treatments to lick the virus, but I certainly feel better after each one. 
This immune boost that Jean gives works for surgical operations, too. When I have a surgery scheduled, I see Jean a week or two before so she can stimulate my immune system. Then after the surgery, she helps me heal quickly. What more can one ask?
K.D., retired
Having MS for the last 23 years has presented challenges to my life on a daily basis.  For the last 10 years I have been living without the ability to feel my bladder.  
For the last several months this has changed for me.  The only change that I made has been my weekly visits to Jean at Beyond Acupuncture.  My expectations were to assist my well being and the reality is that acupuncture has changed my life by returning to me feeling and a regained level of independence. 
V.C., real estate company owner
I came to Jean after experiencing several episodes of angioedema, stress induced hives, that left me on many occasions with swollen lips and red welts all over my body. It was not pretty. My initial visit lasted 2 hours and began with Jean patiently conducting the most thorough and detailed diagnostic I have ever been given. She asked me so many questions in order to help her determine the best treatment for me and as she worked with the needles she patiently explained the rationale behind everything that she was doing. 

After my first session I felt much calmer than I had in months and in spite of the continued stresses I deal with I have not had any more angioedema episodes. Before visiting with Jean I had only had one other acupuncture experience which really didn't do anything for me. Jean's thorough and gentle approach really sets her apart and I am so happy and grateful that I found her. 
C.M., finance/sales director
Dr. Jean Libonate helped me through the terrible nausea I experienced in two pregnancies. I looked forward to my appointments each week because I knew I would leave feeling much better than when I arrived. 

Because I was pregnant, I was hesitant to try acupuncture. Her knowledge and experience, however, put me at ease immediately. I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Jean's positive attitude encouraged me when I really needed to be encouraged.  

The treatments were relaxing and lessened my nausea significantly. I was able to start eating again and my energy improved considerably with treatments.  I would recommend Dr. Jean's treatment to any expectant mother suffering though a pregnancy.
E.B.B., MD