IN-DEPTH EVALUATION:  It starts by asking you about your symptoms, medical history, and anything else relevant to determine the best course for your health.  Next, you will have a physical exam which may include any of the following:

PULSE DIAGNOSIS:  By feeling your pulse information is obtained on the health of your organ systems.  The rate, rhythm and textural qualities felt in your pulse tell a lot about system imbalances.

TONGUE DIAGNOSIS: Looking at the shape, color and coating of your tongue is yet another way to determine your organ system health.

ABDOMINAL DIAGNOSIS:  Gently touching specific regions on your abdomen provides information about which organ systems are in need of attention.

ORTHOPEDIC ASSESSMENT: For musculoskeletal injuries, this physical evaluation will be included.

DETERMINE TREATMENT CHOICES.  Once the best course of action is determined, treatment options will be discussed with you.  Acupuncture treatments may include cupping, moxabustion and/or ear seeds.  An herbal formula may also be recommended for you.

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